Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Well it's French

I used to a be quite a disciplined model maker, following one theme or project through to completion. As I become older whim has deposed order as I ricochet from one model to the next. Fortunately I've enough space to be able to do this, in fact it may be this space that has freed me up to create at will. The latest model to take a turn on the workbench has little to do with the inner city shunting scene in HO that I'd been planning to do. It started as a result of buying some cheap German promotional trams to chop into a range of four wheel carriages and wondering what I could do with the left over end bits. Nothing, is the answer, but it did spark off memories of the similarly shaped, rather gorgeous Crochat railcar. Cutting one tram in half gives the raw material for two Crochat-ish railcars. The first model that I'm going to hang onto for myself involves lots of cutting and sticking together of the body panels, then next three to trundle out of the workshops will have a far simpler method of construction resulting in a slightly different window arrangement but nevertheless retaining all the character of the real thing. Enough words, here's where the first proving models at.