Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Presentation II

I may have been leading up to my current obsession with presentation for longer than I first thought. For some time I've used a light to mid grey as my baseboard edge colour as it's about as neutral as it's possible to get. Concurrently I have also been brewing a healthy dislike of the conventions of layout display. I hate curtains and proscenium arches, black painted baseboard edges, brightly coloured baseboard edges and worst of all, varnished baseboard edges. Framing the layout is usually cited as justification, but rather than contain the eye, they draw the eye.

It's all well and good saying what I don't want, but that doesn't get me that far along the road to working out what I do. If the overall aim is to reduce visual clutter and distraction, then the earlier notion of a separate and wider backscene makes the proscenium arch redundant, lighting can be fixed from the ceiling out of the line of sight; this leaves just the edge of the layout to deal with, and I've ideas how that can be done. More later.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I agree with the dislike of matt black or wood grain baseboard edges...the latter is so twee, like a layout on a coffee table. If I had the space (cue diabolical, mad laughter) I would build down to the floor as per John Allen. But I don't have the space, or the time. Looking forward to your thoughts on the problem!